Revolutionizing Energy Supply

CARBONEU's Bio-CNG Plant - A Path to Success and Opportunities

CARBONEU is approaching to build a successful business model based on Bio- CNG plant, which would take care of biogas generation followed by up- gradation and compression. This model can open a door of opportunities for the places suffering from lack of energy supply.

Company focuses to work on carbon emission, soil health, water waste treatment.The technology creates a closed loop system where processing of the industrial waste results in the production of Bio-CNG, Bio-Fertilizers, Food grade CO2 without discharging effluent or any harmful gases into the atmosphere.
Begins with testing & pre-treatment of feedstock for analyzing the production & ceasing of decay of it with proper storage as well as regular monitoring, pre-processing is minimal compared to other feedstocks available.
After completing the isolation of foreign material from organic feed, the anaerobic digestion is undertaken resulting in approx 80% of digestion of the feedstock with 20% slurry can be used in two different types of NPK fertilizer as in solid & liquid.

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